I’ve been contemplating my options for regionals. There seams to be several good options, namely: MUC; BG(Deathcloud); TnN and RG beats all seam like valid options. I enjoyed playing UG control at states and found it to have very solid matchups against everything except afinity (I can’t build a decent sideboard), but I now feel that MUC is just strictly better with Vedalken Shackles.

BG control decks, probably including Deathclouds and Eather Vials, makes for very fun games, but really does roll over to a decent blue based control deck, and I hear there rather popular atm.

TnN is very solid, but it just doesn’t come across as a fun deck to play, I just feel better about playing a game where I get to play the asshole (control) instead of cheating. The problem for me is what is the best way to deal with TnN when playing MUC? A green splash for Plow Under? Or maybe splash red for Stone Rain + Grab the Reins? But doesn’t that mean I’d be better of playing a red green deck with a good control matchup game 1 and a slight chance against TnN in game 1 but an insane sideboard for it game 2/3?

Then again maybe I shouldn’t make a habit of posts with 10,000 questions?


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