Azorious Deck

I've been thinking about this Azorious based deck for a while now, all I really needs is some dual lands, but I'm sure Dissension will have some other goodies for it.

4x Leyline of Singularity
3x Faiths Fetters
3x Confiscate (this is the slot I think is most likely to be replaced in Dissension, I'm hoping for a good UW permanent stealer)
3x Threads of Disloyalty
3x Pacifism
3x Spirit Link
3x Cage of Hands

Win Conditions:
4x Hunted Phantasm

4x Remand
4x Hinder
4x Remand

naturally some collection of land to let you cast this type of stuff.

This decks signature opening play is obviously opening hand Leyline with turn 3 Phantasm. The best late game play it can make is remand Fetters in response to the second copy of a bomb being played, your paying just 7WU to draw 2 cards, gain 4 life and nullify another one of their permanents. All this is trying to do is use leyline of Singularity to turn all of your 1 for 1 enchantment based removal spells turn into 2 for 1s.

So does anyone out there have any opinion of this deck?


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