How to Qualify

I really really really want to play in Nationals this year. Last year I was a win in the final round of Regionals away from possibly scraping in, but I think I was fairly lucky to get so close.

This year I want to be in a situation to draw the last two rounds to qualify and possibly increase my contructed (1597) rating up to somewhere near my limited rating (1653), not that either is particularly impressive currently. My record high for my limited rating is a measly 1722 during the grinders at Nationals last year.

So the question remains how does one try and qualify, obviously with numbers like those I don't stand a chance of playing in any of the worlds invite only nationals and its much to late in the year to contemplate changing countries anyway. So I must do well in a tournament to be able to qualify. Obviously its much easier to go 5-1-1 at the Victoria Regionals than it is to go 4-0 in a grinder in Canberra. This doesn't mean its an easy option though.

I've decided that as soon as Dissension is suficiently spoiled I'll form a small team of people to try and grasp some understanding of what the current decks can do. We wont be trying to break the format, we'll just be trying to find suggested decks on the internet and understand how they interact. This will have a significant effect on our results I suspect as not only will it change our deck choices but it will also make us play out the matches much more efficiently as we should know the way the games will play out and how to best optimise our chances of winning any given match.


3 responses to “How to Qualify

  1. I know the perfect people if you want to this at any time man… you can crack this puppy with the best of the best, not the most recognised players though…

  2. Yeah its interesting looking back at some of my hopes for the year when they didn’t happen.

    I’m not sure how much of that shift was me deciding to Judge more. But a big part last year was that I couldn’t play in regionals as I had to go to a family Birthday party :(

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