To T.O. Or Not To T.O.?

Ok, firstly I'm pretty happy with that title, its silly enough and accurate enough to be at least slightly humorous. Also its a 13 character title with only 2 characters that aren't 't' or 'o'.

So, back on topic, or back to things that aren't about the phrazing of the topic it self, should I be running events. I'm talking about running tournaments where I invite lots of people along not the type where I get a group of people to meet together regularly. I'm sure that what I'm trying to do with involve plenty of the later.

I was talking with Stephen the other day and he mentioned that an old fashioned pros and cons list would be helpful here, so:


  • Gives something back to the larger community
  • Opportunity to come into contact with many people
  • Creates an image of significance within the community


  • Significant effort needed
  • Significant amount of money tied up in product
  • Risk of not recovering money spent on product
  • Difficult to interact with the participants when I have to run the event.

I think that the Cons are currently winning (although I have no plans to stop running the tournaments any time soon, have I mentioned that the next tourney is just 8 days away?), as most of the Pros can be duplicated by me just judging plenty of events locally anyway.

Please comment if you have any ideas on this.


One response to “To T.O. Or Not To T.O.?

  1. RE: To T.O. or Not to T.O.

    Hi Gareth
    I think it is a wonderful idea for you take up the mantle of a T.O. It is something that is sorely needed on this side of town (Northern suburbs being as barren of venues as they are) LOL . You are ideally positioned in that you have access to a good venue which is close to transport and amenities. I think it would be great to have a group of people that meets regularly to play in structured tournaments such as the two headed events that you have run in the past.
    As far as stock recovery/losses are concerned there is always the re-sale value of un-opened packs plus the option of trading individual cards at face value. If you need help in setting up/runing/managing any events just let me know and I will be more than willing to lend any assistance.

    Ron Brown

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