Two Headed Giant #7

Here we are, already at the end of Ravnica block, time for one more Two Headed Giant with it though. Ravnica block does seam to have passed quicker than all the other blocks I can remember.

Anyway, heres the details:

When: Saturday the 1st of July.
Time: 9.30am.
Where: Northern Community Church of Christ.
Address: 81 High Street Preston.
Cost: $50/team ($25/player)Product: 1 Rav tourney, 2 Bpt boosters, 2 Dis boosters.
Prizes: Only if you ask nicely. (probably even if you don't.)

Please email me at if you intend on coming along, it'll help me ensure that there's enough product for everyone.


2 responses to “Two Headed Giant #7

  1. can me and my team member use your name Rock Paper Dynamite ?

  2. The only place I could stop you would be at one of my own tournaments, but you are commenting on a tournament that happened 9 months ago.

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