Northen Magic Championship ’06 is Aproaching

Just reminding everyone that my next 2HG is going to be on the 2nd of September, with all the normal details:

When: Saturday the 2nd of September.
Time: 9.30am.
Where: Northern Community Church of Christ.
Address: 81 High Street Preston.
Cost: $50/team ($25/player).
Product: 7 Coldsnap boosters.
Prizes: At least a DCI Foil Vampiric Tutor to first place, something for everyone.
Please email me at if you intend on coming along, it’ll help me ensure that there’s enough product for everyone.


4 responses to “Northen Magic Championship ’06 is Aproaching

  1. How are you going to split one card between two people?

  2. How are you going to split the prize between two people? If in doubt sell the card an split the money.

  3. Lucky i’m coming with a friend, put me down for it.

  4. done.

    BTW: I do acknowledge that objects that can’t be split in half are anoying as prizes, but its something that just has to be lived with

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