Dark Room

At the last Forge Intensive I saw one of the interns using a very interesting application for taking their notes. The interface was about as simple as I have even seen. A black screen. With green text. Nothing else.

The philosophy behind it is that a lot of the time you want to get away from as many distractions as you can and just type. I like this idea, it is very easy to go back and format a document nicely in word at a later time, and that isn’t even always needed. It has all the essential features you need in a text editor, the ability to auto-save, and umm, you can change the text colour. It also has a few features that seam to be going slightly against the concept of the program though, you can change the back ground to being partially transparent, although you can’t change its colour (sure why would you want to but it’d be nice to have options).

I’m going to start using it on my desktops and it is going to be one of the first things I install on a laptop.



7 responses to “Dark Room

  1. So you have a Mac? They seem to be popular at Northern…
    What about on linux?

  2. Except ofcourse I was doing it on a mac … which is waaaay cooler. :-p

  3. So you are the culprit, I thought it might have been Phil!

  4. It was me and the app was called WriteRoom. I think Gareth is talk about about windoze equivalent. Surely it couldn’t be as good though … :-D

  5. A little bit self centered there aren’t we Tim :) Actualy it was someone using it on a Windows laptop, I can’t remember seeing you use a similar program.

    Update: Unfortunately the dual screen support seams to be broken, it attempts to blank the second screen but fails

  6. Hey Garath, this is off topic but ‘grill’d’ got to agree with you. Great burgers!

  7. Thanks for the reminder of a good topic to use :)

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