MBRL – Momir Basic Real Life

I’m sick of hearing about MTGO only formats like Momir Basic. So here is my attempt at bringing the format to real life.


  1. Your deck will consist of equal numbers of each basic land. (was going to let you decide what ratio you wanted but then you could actually put strategy into this step).
  2. Each player must supply a Momir board (MB) of 50 creatures, 5 creatures for each converted mana cost between 1 and 11.
  3. No more than 5 mana producing creatures in each players MB.
  4. Other wise normal Momir Basic rules, that is there are no more rules except that both players are playing with the Momir avatar from Magic Online.

Whenever a player activates Momir, they select with a dice one of the available creatures with that converted mana cost. Unfortunately this format wont create the same randomness as the online equivalent but it will still be pretty random.

I’m unsure if the MB should be face up or down though, both seam to have their advantages, but I think face down seams important to get more randomness.

Should the auto-loss creatures be banned if the MB is face down, as you’d hate to spawn a creature at a cost that has a 50% chance of loosing you the game, which seams to give to much opportunity for strategy to players.
If anyone feels that this format has enough legs please contact me so we can have a game.


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