Someone just reminded me that I should speak about my favourite food dispenser: Grill’d. I do like good food, and I like a good burger. Grill’d have the best burger available or so I believe.

If I were to rate burgers from 0 to 10 this is roughly where the burgers most people know about would fall:

0.0 – No Burger :(
0.5 – McDonalds Cheese Burger
1.0 – Big Mac
2.0 – Any burger at Hungry Jacks
4.0 – Average Fish and Chips shop burger
5.0 – Good Fish and Chip shop burger (significantly better ingredients than the average F&C shops)
7.0 – BBNT burger (Burgers Burritos Nachos and Tacos, another small chain in Melbourne)
9.5 – Grill’d

Grill’d only score a 9.5 because I believe it is theoretically possible for a burger to be a bit better, but I doubt it would be financially viable to sell them in a store.

I’m sure everyone understands the scores between 0 and 4. Some F&C shops score better because they use better ingredients, this is usually due to the use of better bread, sauce and meat than other stores. BBNT is as good as a normal burger can get, they use great ingredients at every stage, although their buns are a little bit sugary, but they are still quite good. Also BBNT is a great store because their pricing is more competitive when compared to F&C stores and Hungry Jacks (known in other parts of the world as Burger King) than Grill’d’s.

Grill’d is by far the best though, not only do they use the finest food available, they even give you the choice of pinini or wholemeal buns. This choice extends to the whole menu. They have around a dozen burger on the menu, and they all use the best ingredients, like the chicken burger comes with brie and the beef burger comes with tasty.

Also the service is very good, the have clean tables to eat at or wait for your food. Food that will come very quickly for a store cooking your burger on the spot.

All in all I like to sum up my feelings about Grill’d by retelling my first experience of Grill’d: “I had ordered and received my first Grill’d burger. I sat down and unwrapped it, and took a bite. This was great, it had so much flavour and everything tasted perfect. I looked down at the burger in my hands and noticed that I hadn’t even taken a bit out of the beef patie, all I had tasted was salad, sauce and bread. I knew I was in love.”


9 responses to “Grill’d

  1. Yep agree with it all Garath. My only disappointment was I wanted a beer. I hate fizzy sugar drinks.

  2. I can’t believe the Nandos Double Breast Burger doesn’t get a mention … it’s a 10.5 for sure!

  3. 7.5 at best, sure two breast are better than one, but the burger is too simple and there isn’t enough care taken with the salad and such. Also the buns them selves at quite average :)

  4. I had a big mac while playing at the Dungeon of Magic in the city the other day. I’m not usually one for McDonalds, but that Big Mac was actually a burger. It had lettuce. Not a tiny sprinkle of brown heated lettuce. A decent handful of fresh green lettuce. It looked like one from an ad. Everyone I showed it too thought it was amazing.

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