Horde of Togs

I played at The Cave on Monday night, and the bunch of guys are nice enough that I think I will try and do it again, along with play in a few of their casual tournaments. Unfortunately I’ll be in Sydney for their next one but I can’t help but want to put together a deck for it.

The format is Horde, where your only allowed to play creatures and lands that can only produce mana. After a quick scan of their restricted list I decided that the best thing that wasn’t restricted was Psychatog, so I’m thinking something like this looks pretty good:

4x Psychatog
4x Ichorid
4x Ashen Ghoul
4x Stinkweed Imp
4x Golgari Thug
4x Fathom Seer (Timespiral 1/3 Morph = Gush!)
4x Sinbad (If you replace the draw with something, say dredge, the rest of the ability does nothing :)
4x Putrid Imp
4x Krovikan Sorcerer
1x Wonder
4x Watery Grave
4x Dimir Aqueduct
7x Swamp
8x Island

This seams like a pretty good collection of synergies that will pummel your opponent quite quickly. I’m unsure if it should be trying to run some more controlling elements to play more like an extended Tog deck, but I think this combo route is good. (Admissibly the upcoming Horde Tournament is before Timespiral is legal, but I still like this deck)


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