Tromp The Domains

I sat down at a draft yesterday (while I should have been at a family engagement party, is this a sign of addiction?) hoping to draft what I suspect will be my favorite deck for the rest of triple TimeSpiral draft: RG – One Big Turn. OBT wants to run lots of turn 1 and 2 suspend dudes to accelerate into a good sized Empty the Warrens for a nice quick game. While I might want to post up a rough pick order for the deck sometime, I do know one thing about the pick order for the deck:

  1. Tromp the Domains
  2. *

Yes, I do know about such all star cards as Firemaw Kavu and Jaya Ballard. They aren’t as good for this deck as Tromp the Domains. With TtD its possible to deal around 50 odd damage on turn 6. That’s pretty good. For that matter, heres the top of my pick order for TSP, first pick, first pack:

  1. Akroma
  2. Jaya
  3. Tromp the Domains.
  4. *

Heh, even first pick, third pack, when drafting a BU(r) deck:

  1. Tromp the Domains
  2. *

Yes ditch those 2 great burn spells that you were going to splash red for and play the Tromp. It just wins games.

So yesterday I take a Word of Seizing first pick then get passed TtD and the Thornscape Battlemage. I picked … the Battlemage. This was a huge mistake, the TtD is just blatantly better. Fortunately I got passed an 8th pick TtD later in the first pack. I nearly died on the spot.

I’m 100% sure that picking that first TtD would have made my record 3-1 instead of 2-2, and given be a very good chance at 3-0-1 or 4-0. Live and learn I guess.


2 responses to “Tromp The Domains

  1. Thank you for your opinion Pete, care to tell us why it blows? Opinions aren’t worth much in a vacuum.

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