Stupid People

I saw this quote on IRC today:

3:52 DealerButton: oh is it thanksgiving this week?
3:52 Aussienomancer: …..
3:52 nmu55: yeah today
3:52 Adept_Enivid: Yes, today. In some countries
3:52 Adept_Enivid: Or perhaps only USA, I don’t know.

How little do you need to know about thanksgiving to not understand that it is a US only holiday. Sort of like how only America celebrates the American Independence day.

It makes you wonder some times.


One response to “Stupid People

  1. Actually, there are some people in Europe who celebrate it. It’s started because of all the American T.V shown there. Most Europeans speak English with a cross of their accent and an American one.

    Stupid huh.

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