Good Burger Watch

On the way home from McCrae yesterday we stopped in at a cafe in (roughly) McCrae for lunch. I decided that the most appetising item on the menu was the burger and ordered it with some reservations.

What greeted me was the best non Grill’d burger I’ve ever eaten, scoring a 8.5 on my burger scale, the most significant point deduction being the bun, it was good real bread but nothing special. The pattie was large and juicy, the bacon crispy and the sauce was a good and chunky.

Now my scale looks like:
0.0 – No Burger :(
0.5 – McDonalds Cheese Burger
1.0 – Big Mac
2.0 – Any burger at Hungry Jacks
4.0 – Average Fish and Chips shop burger
5.0 – Good Fish and Chip shop burger (significantly better ingredients than the average F&C shops)
7.0 – BBNT burger (Burgers Burritos Nachos and Tacos, another small chain in Melbourne)
8.5 – Burger at Trims Cafe, McCrae (I’m sure Phil or Dan will chime in with this cafes name Thanks Dan)
9.5 – Grill’d

See my previous burger post for greater information on the scale.


5 responses to “Good Burger Watch

  1. I also had this burger, and I also liked it very much. I even liked the bun. The chips were disappointing. Although, I really don’t think I rate grill’d as highly as you. Is grill’d the “gourmet” burger chain with the mighty melbourne burger? What is that weird stuff they put on the bun? Actually, maybe grill’d could exceed that trim’s burger if price is taken into account in overall rating.

  2. I do believe that gourmet burgers have rellish in them.. thats what makes it good… damn, now i feel ike a burger… hahaha

  3. I’ve got to say I don’t rate GRILL’D that highly as well. Have had it numerous times and the beef has very little taste and the texture of playdough. Chips however are awesome. I prefer Urban Burgers. Other notable ones are Cafe Vue and Rockpool’s Wagyu burger (even better than Urban’s Wagyu Sensei)

    Will try Trims next time just to compare. Thanks..

  4. Yeah I heard Urban burgers were really good, where are they on your scale ?

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