NSW Road Laws

NSW seams headed for having the least trusting P-Plate laws in the country (in my opinion, acknowledging that I don’t know much about different states laws, so really that statement has very little value), with plans to introduce new restrictions on 1st year drivers under 25:

  • No mobile phone use, even with hands free etc
  • Maximum of 1 passenger under 21 between the hours of 11pm and 5am

On principle I don’t like restricting the passengers that certain drivers can have, but the above restriction does appear to be logically thought out and only inhibiting of the most dangerous driving.

My issue is with the mobile phone clause, why should 1st year P-Platers be the only ones being forced to use their mobile phones responsibly in a car? Hasn’t it been proved that any mobile phone use while driving is dangerous? Shouldn’t all drivers have the same restriction on this?


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