Rebel Crossing

Its been a while since I’ve built a deck in a post, but I’m starting to think about the next constructed PTQ (yes I know its a long way off but its good to start thinking early) which is block constructed (yes I know there is another set to be released before the PTQ but its good to know the formats evolution). The first deck I want to try and build is Rebels:

Core (8):
4 Amrou Scout
4 Blightspeaker

Good Targets (20):
4 Aven Riftwatcher (great dude, even better with Dust Elemental)
4 Big Game Hunter (theres always big dude that needs killing)
4 Knight of the Holy Nimbus (hard to kill dudes are great, specialy with a wrath in block)
4 Saltfield Recluse (excellent combo with Porphyry Nodes)
4 Amrou Seekers (efficient evasion, although not as hot as the Riftwatchers, a watch this space, soon to change)

Silver Bullet Targets (3):
1 Rathi Trapper (removes dudes that BGH can’t)
1 Zealot il-Vec (repeatedly removes small dudes)
1 Dunerider Outlaw (good in green matchup)

Gas (7):
3 Dust Elemental
4 Porphyry Nodes

Land (22):
4 Terramorphic Exspanse
4 Flagstones of Trokair
4 Swamp
10 Plains

4 Enslave (I want that Tefferi (although he doesn’t hurt this deck))
3 Dunerider Outlaw (I’m sure the Green Haste Agro will be popular)
4 Sunlance
4 Voidstone Gargoyle (must be randomly useful I’m sure)

The deck obviously needs a few less dudes and some more tricks but I think it might work. I think I need to play it a few times to figure out what dude can be removed for tricks, the Seekers don’t look very good compared to the rest. I’m also unsure if the deck should run black for Blightspeakers or stick white with Defiant Vanguard, but I think Big Game Hunter answers that question.


17 responses to “Rebel Crossing

  1. Your not using gaze of justice, good trick when your tapped out cos of gaze, you can flash in dust elemental and block…

    You need blightspeakers.. and voidstone is good in the SB, but no answer to akroma ressurection ?

  2. Gaze being a sorcery makes Baby Jesus cry.

    Hrm yeah, deck does need to be able to deal with Akroma’s, and can sort of. It blocks Wrath with Aven Riftwatcher and bounces it with Dust Elemental (net gain of 1 life per turn after taking into account trample) but has to loose a creature every time it attacks. It just taps Fury down with Trapper until he gets burnt.
    Post board the deck has to Enslave Fury and double Sunlance Wrath.

    So sure, the deck does have issues with Akroma’s but green is the only color that doesn’t (Utopia Vow can handle both of them)

  3. Yo boyz,

    What about temporal isolation for anti akroma in the sb?

  4. yeah better ways to deal with both akromas is probably needed, whats the best terror in the format?

  5. Mortify works well….

  6. ok, you probably wouldn’t get DQed for playing Mortify in a Timespiral block tournament, but you could if the judge thought it was intentional.

  7. Aaah, silly me. Didn’t read first paragraph carefully enough.

    Well, you could use Premature Burial or Cradle to Grave. Cradle to Grave would work better against Akroma.

  8. well the BGHunter kills red flippy akroma, and Temporal Isolation out of the SB nuters the white one.

    Mokey, White Akroma is packin’ a big Pro Black ability… makes it very hard to target with a black spell, e.g. Cradle to Grave.

    Vs White Akroma: Gaze, Temporal, Gone, Damnation, PONGIFY!!

    Vs Red Akroma: pretty much everything (except PONGIFY!! :( )

  9. Hey, if your deck needs to deal with Akromas, you could try Evangelize. What do you think the chance is that it’ll be the only creature they’ve got out?

    Also, are the Nodes right for this deck mainboard?

  10. Akroma has so many abilities, I forget sometimes :).

  11. I think I like Nodes with the Recluses, makes it very hard for the opponent to keep creatures on the table.

    Also dropping a nodes in the mid game and then picking up my guys with Dust Elemental seams good.

    So thats 15 cards (8 rebel tutors, 4 recluses, 3 Dust elemental) that the nodes is really good in conjunction with, sounds like a keeper to me.

  12. Your argument is good, but I don’t know if it’s good in that many circumstances. You can only really cast it turn 4 or 5 and then it’s good if you either:
    Have a dust elemental (and guys)or a recluse, and it’s totally dependent on them having dudes.

    As I said, I don’t think it’s bad, I just reckon it’s worth keeping an eye on…

  13. Geez, sorry about the last comment, it’s terrible to read!

    Icatian Javelineers instead of the Seekers? Good vs green, white, and red

  14. wow I started a whole thing on akroma’s here… almost every mpost metions it !! hahaha

  15. well they are huge, they have to be the dominant threat in block.

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