Scryb Ranger is the Nuts

I am such a newb. I lost the last round of the draft yesterday because I forgot to make a game winning play. My opponent was heavy black with a fair bit of red, I was playing GWU with lots of tricks but no decent men. I did have Scryb Ranger and Dunerider Outlaw though.

My opening hand for game 3 was:

Scryb Ranger
Dunerider Outlaw
Momentary Blink
Crookclaw Transmuter

This is how I played out my hand:

Forest, go.
Plains, go.
Island, go.
Scryb Ranger eot.
Island, go.
Crookclaw Transmuter eot.

Can you see how bad I am? This is how I should have played (which would have given me a 90% chance of winning I’m sure):

Forest, go.
Plains, go.
Scryb Ranger eot.
Tap forest, play forest, tap it again to play Dunerider Outlaw.
Swing with Dunerider 6 times for the win.

I am so good at this game. As it turns out I never realise I can cast the Outlaw with the help of the Ranger, so I die with 3 Island, 2 Plains and1 Forest in play and a Outlaw in hand.


2 responses to “Scryb Ranger is the Nuts

  1. Hey,

    Scryb ranger is tricky ;)

    …really nice blog,do you mind If I link you?


  2. Go ahead, I never mind people liking me blog

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