Some of you may realize that I am a word class procrastinator. My current favorite method of wasting a few seconds every hour at work is ‘playing’ Defend Your Castle. Its a marginally fun game with endless game play.

Currently I am on level 175. After roughly level 20, the game nearly plays it self. No interaction is required nearly all of the time.

I’m not sure why I’m recommending it as it really is silly and pointless.

Go waste some time.


4 responses to “Procastination

  1. Damit.. I got to level 8… I bought an archery range… well I saved for an archery range.. then nothing happened !!

  2. you must buy a church to convert people (pick them up and drop them in the castle softly) that can then be trained as archers (click on the castle flags.

  3. Why do my archers keep dying at the end of the round? None of the enemies got to my castle.

  4. you must have enough money to pay for their upkeep.
    I’m not sure if you need that money at the start of the level or the end, but you need it.

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