Naming Contest

Here’s your chance to win some loot. Up for grabs is a Foil Textless Wrath of God (still in original plastic) or a 3 month subscription to deviantART. All you have to do is come up with a name for a project that Alex and I are undertaking: a web comic based around magic players.

To enter just send a (that is a single) email to with the subject: Name A Comic. In that email you may submit your best 2 title ideas.

Entries will close at midnight Friday the 13th of April (AEST). Then Alex and I will determine the best few entries and put up a poll to let people judge the best entry. The title that wins that poll will receive their choice of the two prizes, with the WoG being posted to them at my expense. I won’t guarantee that we will use the winning name, but it will inspire us.


16 responses to “Naming Contest

  1. PS some might want to check out Alex’s art at

  2. Woot.. that guy kicks ass !!

  3. How about “The Draft?”

    Also I’ll probly be there on the 7th if you can find me someone to play with.

  4. P.S. I probly need a ride too…

  5. I usually have someone there who is willing to play with someone who hasn’t turned up with a partner, and several people usually do.

    You might have more luck trying to find a lift if you replied to an apropriate thread.

    But you can’t even follow the instructions in this post.

  6. Allen is also a long way out of my way, so asking where people going to the 2HG might actually be looking might help him.

  7. For those who are interested: “Timmy, Johnny, and Spike” and all permutations of it have already been suggested. Multiple times. Please don’t bother with that :)

  8. What about Vorthos? :)

  9. I’m only reporting, I’m not interpreting the entries.

  10. Fair enough, and Im very puzzled between going to standard saterday or 2hg saterday…. :S But I will try and get a ride over. Woot.

  11. Any more info apart from ‘a web comic based around magic players’? What style is it, humour, drama, gay porn?

  12. Drama/Humor

    Gay Porn will be used sparingly.


  14. Sorry it just doesn’t interest me :)

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