KFC Filler

Ok so I had a KFC Filler last night for the first time. The experience was about as exspected, rating a 1.5 of the burger scale:
0.0 – No Burger :(
0.5 – McDonalds Cheese Burger
1.0 – Big Mac
1.5 – KFC Filler
2.0 – Any burger at Hungry Jacks
4.0 – Average Fish and Chips shop burger
5.0 – Good Fish and Chip shop burger (significantly better ingredients than the average F&C shops)
7.0 – BBNT burger (Burgers Burritos Nachos and Tacos, another small chain in Melbourne)
9.5 – Grill’d


5 responses to “KFC Filler

  1. Thanks gareth !! MORE KFC !!

    And hungy jacks should so have a higher rating !

  2. Sorry but Hungry Jacks isn’t that much better than McDonalds. Theres a world of better quality possible, they could do better.

  3. Hungry Jacks a leagues ahead of McDonalds.

    The whopper isn’t fantastic, but the bacon burger is very nice.

    I think it should be given at least a 2.5.

  4. fillet o fish not on the list?!??!?! this is an outrage!

  5. I think you have to update to specific burgers…

    The new grilled chicken at maccas is quite tasty… almost equal to a hungry jacks burger….

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