Urban Burger

Theres been a request for my impression of Urban Burger in another thread so here goes.

My initial thought was that I wanted to give them a 8, which seems apropriate. Their bun is really sub standard, about the same as what I get at BBNT recently, very fluffy and sugary. They do use good quality ingredients and have significant variety on their menu. Also they go for a short and wide burger, I seem to prefer the tall and thin.

0.0 – No Burger :(
0.5 – McDonalds Cheese Burger
1.0 – Big Mac
1.5 – KFC Filler
2.0 – Any burger at Hungry Jacks
4.0 – Average Fish and Chips shop burger
5.0 – Good Fish and Chip shop burger
7.0 – BBNT burger
8.0 – Urban Burger
8.5 – Trims Cafe, McCrae
9.5 – Grill’d


3 responses to “Urban Burger

  1. Christina tried the ‘Hot Mumma’ at grilled the other day. It nearly killed her. I think they swap the normal tomato relish for Tabasco. Still haven’t found a grill equivalent, I think it will be a long time.

  2. haven’t tried that one yet, good to know they now how to make things hot.

    Also Scott, whats your opinion of Urban Burger?

  3. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to try an Urban Burger…

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