Prerelease Goodness

Judged at the Melbourne Future Sight Prerelease today. Very fun set, but first lets go through things in order. Got up to early because I don’t like to risk being late with a train getting to the station at the same time I’m meant to be somewhere.

When we get in we find out that RMIT have redecorated their cafeteria with lots of little tables set up in a scatter pattern. this is much more annoying that the old decor which was nice rows of tables we could put 2 games on. Just shift the rows along a bit and add some tables down one side and it was done previously. So we had to shift more tables further, but it all worked out in the end.

From memory I believe we had just over 3 32 player flights start before/at 9.30 and another large one at 10.30 along with the 14 team 2HG. The two afternoon flights weren’t as large, but still got good numbers, the last with 26 players. The most important aspect of the final flight was that I got to play in it.

Which brings us to the best thing that happened, I managed to trade for a Pact of Negation, in foil, with no cards with me. Had to beg to borrow some cards from a friend so I could get the card from my second round opponent.

The important thing is that I now have a foil Pact of Negation. I will sleep happy tonight.


4 responses to “Prerelease Goodness

  1. I’m going tomorrow, playing 2 flights.

    What’s the format like?

  2. Aggro and control are both very viable, and I saw pretty much every colour being represented.

    Lots of un was had by everyone. Also the female portion of the crowd was larger than usual, might have been as high at 5% :)

  3. Sorry by that last comment I don’t mean they were fatter than usual (rather the oposite, lots of fine quality) just that there were more of them.

    Also worth noting that this is a good thing :)

  4. I think Red/Black is very good. Death Rattle is a great sealed pick, came in useful every time I got it.

    Lots of nice burn too.

    My second pool was shocking, and someone knocked my cards into the boosters I had won with their bag, so I couldn’t change my deck after I got smashed in the first game :(.

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