Standard Ichorid

I know theres a problem with naming a deck after a card that isn’t in the deck, but I think the name works.

Obvious inclusions:

Nether Shadow
Bridge from Below

Golgari Grave Troll
Stinkweed Imp

Magus of the Bazaar

What I can’t see is how to capitalize on the engine, Vintage Ichorid has Sutured Ghoul to reanimate, and while we do have Dread Return, just nothing to return. Do we just attempt to capitalize on the dredge mechanic and play Zur’s Weirding and Angels?

I need some ideas people.


2 responses to “Standard Ichorid

  1. What about a gravestorm card ? the one that will remove the key elements in thier deck !

  2. how does this deck generate a large gravestorm count? Gravestorm only counts permanents going to the graveyard.

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