Northern Magic – Two Headed Giant #17

Ok, this is my last event before the PTQ, and as the PTQ is on the 13th its fairly likely this is the last and only event in Melbourne that will be run in the format of the PTQ. So if you want some PTQ practice, or want to have some fun* please come along.

When: Saturday the 5th of May.
Time: 9.30am.
Where: Northern Community.
Address: 81 High Street Preston.
Cost: $50/team ($25/player).
Product: 1 TimeSpiral Tournament pack, 2 Planar Chaos Boosters and 2 Future Sight Boosters.

Please drop me a line to let me know that your coming along so I can guarantee that I have enough product for everyone. I can be contacted by phone, email or comment

Phone: 0403 179 234
Comment: See the button just below the post, click it.

*If you ask for special permission I may allow you to both practice for the PTQ and have fun.


14 responses to “Northern Magic – Two Headed Giant #17

  1. Will be there with 2 friends. They’re playing together, so I hope I you have an extra. :)

  2. Hi Gareth
    Just letting you know that there will be only 1 Brown at 2HG (w/team mate)
    Ron Brown

  3. Ok, only 1 friend coming.

  4. Thanks for letting me know guys.

  5. hey me and brendon will be comming

  6. Looks like it will be a good crowd. So we’ll be gettng underway on time.

  7. Damn, down to just me now. Well, I’ll still see you there.

  8. hey just found out i can’t come i got no ride =/ cya all later

  9. wait lol i found public transport is pretty easy to get there i am comming again lol

  10. Yes the church is very close to the train station and tram lines :)

  11. Hey Gareth did you get my email about an address to send the DVD to for you to chuck it up on the net?

  12. Hey Gareth did you get my email about an address to send the DVDs?

  13. Clearly I didn’t need to post the same question twice in a slightly altered format!

  14. No problem mate, have emailed you.

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