Is it evil?

Sorry if this is incomprehensible, but I need to write it.

Some people have issues with people who believe in a religion and science at the same time. I feel I have reconciled those two beliefs personaly due to two main concepts:

  • Religion and science attempt to answer two different questions, namely why and how respectively. So naturally they will describe things differently.
  • The old testament is the attempts of a privative people to describe their relationship with God, naturally such a text will involve comments about the natural world that don’t hold up scientificaly, they were never intended to. Also note this doesn’t state that they are in anyway Gods words, just text about him, through which we may find images of him.

Now the question at hand: Is any belief that doesn’t fit within either of those frameworks evil? (You may want to read evil as meaning wrong, I’m using the word to mean “wrong in a way that is at least slightly offensive to my religion”)

First lets consider the idea of something that is clearly evil: Sacrificing children to the god of the harvest to ensure that a harvest is good. This is clearly evil from the perspective of Christianity as we are performing acts that acknowledges that someone other than God will intervene. It is also wrong to science as the sacrifice wont affect any thing that would affect the harvest.

So now for a more contentious issue, say: Magnetic Therapy. If someone feels that wearing a bracelet with a few magnets in it will reduce their arthritis, is their anything evil about it?

I would love to hear peoples thoughts about it.


11 responses to “Is it evil?

  1. I think you’re on the right track, I have no problem believing in science and God at the same time.

    I don’t think wearing magnetic wristbands is evil at all, because if it works, why not?

    Certain herbs help people when they’re sick. They were probably discovered simply because they work, long before a scientific basis came into play. The same may be true for magnets, they might work, but the science hasn’t been pinned down yet.

    I doubt many people use magnets for therapy with any sort of spiritual basis, it’s purely because some people find it works.

  2. But when science turns it mind to the herbs are found to have some chemical or combination of chemicals that do something. The reason the scientists wouldn’t have suspected that Herb A helps treat problem B is that we don’t know all the chemicals in the herb.

    We do know what magnets do to the human body. We have to use very strong magnets to be able to detect any effect of a magnet on a human body, many orders of magnitude greater than what you can buy in a store.

    ‘because if it works, why not?’ is terrible logic. If I went around saying that if you give me $5 I’ll get the faeries to help your arthritis pain go away, would you advise people to listen to me?

  3. I thought you were going to answer the question is ‘Magic’ evil!

  4. But do the faeries get rid of the arthritis? Even if they did, people would be more skeptical. Because that’s putting faith in magic, not science.

    People are more likely to believe magnets work, because magnets are seen as scientific things. Even if there isn’t evidence to back it up. I think that is where the distinction is, where people put their faith. In science, or in magic.

    It differs to say, magic healing rocks. Because we know they don’t do anything scientific, they’re just rocks. To use them, you put your faith into magic.

    I think putting faith into science isn’t bad, because science is separate to religion. Science and Christianity can work together. Magic(not card game :) and Christianity can’t.

  5. My faeries do the following:
    *Improve Your Circulation by stimulating blood flow and getting more essential oxygen and nutrients to your organs, muscles, joints and limbs!
    *Reduce Inflammation and Swelling by excreting excess fluid and promoting a Toxin Free Body!
    *Experience a Tremendous Boost in Energy due to your improved circulation and elimination of toxins which allows your heart to rest, hence, LOWERING your blood pressure and pulse rate naturally.
    *Encourage Deep, Long And Restful Sleep as fearie therapy stimulates the brain to produce ‘melatonin’ the sleep hormone.
    *Strengthen Your Immune System through the cumulative result of more oxygen, more nutrients, balanced hormones and a rested heart.

  6. Cool. What species of faerie?

  7. Hemoglobin repelling faeries. That is how they encourage blood flow. As they repell the Hemoglobin in the blood, more blood has to rush in to fill the vein.

    Yes these faeries are closely related goblin hating faeries, all it took was a little character engineering to change what they repelled.

  8. You should recommend them to R&D for the next Un set. :)

    BTW, how much would a foil Demonfire be worth? :). SCG thought $16, and CardKingdom thought $29.

  9. Could you please keep the comments on topic Mokey? Also I don’t know.

  10. I want to buy your faeries !

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