Ads Be Gone

I really dislike ads. I also hate bloated applications. So it is quite a pitty that MSN Messenger (Live) is such a useful app. Those adds and videos that constantly grab my attention in the corner of my screen really annoy me.

Naturaly someone has taken the hard work out of removing the adds. So if you use A-Patch you can get you contact list to look like this:

Clean Messenger

Which is much much better. What is slightly weird is that A-Patch is being used as an evangelistic tool for the Muslim faith. I’m not exsactly sure if I think that software is a good tool for such purposes, but its not over the top or annoying so go ahead and download the appropriate version for your messenger and enjoy a much more streamlined option.

Download Linkage


8 responses to “Ads Be Gone

  1. I use a program called ad-muncher. It’s the one with the cow logo if you look for it. Works a treat, even on MSN cause it’s IE based.

    Gets rid of all annoying ads in both IE and Firefox, replaces them with little links that say “Munched”.

  2. does your messenger look as clean as that image?

  3. Pretty much. That’s probably doing a better job, mine still has a little munched link down the bottom though.

    But it’s still a great program for on the web.

  4. You’re right, that works well.

    Only thing is, how do you get rid of the ads on the right, I can’t find an option for them.

  5. Adds on the right? I don’t know of any adds on the right.

  6. I meant left, sorry.

    They’re little buttons that take you to all sorts of sites.

  7. so you mean the tabs that you can just disable in the normal options menus?

    Tools -> Options -> Tabs -> Hide Tabs

    or are you talking about something else?

  8. Oh, ok. That’s them.

    Looks really good now.

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