End of an Era

I’m sad to announce that Northern Magic will stop running its monthly Two Headed Giant events. This is due to two factors, both of them with equal weight:

  •  Not meeting goals: When we started running these events it was an attempt to build a community, the events were doing that very well so there was little desire to continue them
  • Low attendance: The attendance at the events wasn’t high enough for us to run them purely as a service.

So watch this space, I will return to organizing something, not sure what.


3 responses to “End of an Era

  1. Well done with all your efforts Garath. I think it what you were doing was a good idea. Christina gave magic to one of the kids she looked after and he loved it. Look forward to what your next reincarnation will look like.

  2. I don’t know why you think there was poor attendance, it’s been great most of the year.

    But meh, it’s probably a good thing. I’m flat broke most of the time, I think I’ll just take a break for a while.

  3. Sorry to hear of the demise of Two Headed Giant events at Northern magic.
    It has been a great source of entertainment for me and my friends/family that have attended and i wish to personaly thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to make these events possible.
    Great job Gareth
    Drop me a line if you plan any other events.
    Ron Brown

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