Focus Follows Mouse & Borland C++ Builder

I just changed from a pair of 19″ CRT monitors at work to a single20″ wide-screen LCD. I am loving the added desktop space, but the drop in screen space is annoying. I was using 1 19″ CRT and the LCD for a short while, but the terribly mismatched pixel sizes and colours pissed me off much to quickly.

Trying to make better use of screen real estate I have now undocked the sub windows from the Borland Builder windows. Which to my great surprise has fixed how it interacts with focus follows mouse. I am a huge fan of focus follows mouse as I love to look at one document while typing in another. Also the ability to go hours without clicking the mouse while multi-tasking is fantastic.

Borland Builder though has always ignored the focus follows mouse setting of “raise on focus” and raised it self instantly. But now that I have undocked its sub windows it is sitting patiently in the background when it gets focus and doesn’t raise it self till clicked.

This does make me very happy.


One response to “Focus Follows Mouse & Borland C++ Builder

  1. And today its back to the broken behaviour :(

    This makes me sad.

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