Its all in the timing

We finally got our Internet connected last night. After having to wait a full week for the phone to be connected before we could actually order the ADSL2+ service. Then being told that the ADSL2+ can take 10 to 15 business days (only took 4) it was finally installed.

So what does iiNet do yesterday? They announce that they will start to offer a ‘naked dsl’ package. So we’d get 50% more downloads (although they would start to include uploads in that figure) for $10 less every month. Oh and its super easy and quick to go onto these new plans.

Well, unless you are already on ADSL2+ with iiNet, like we are, because for some reason in that case you can be without the Internet for 2-3 weeks and without phone for 1 week, although we don’t mind having no phone.

Why do the Internet gods hate us so much?


3 responses to “Its all in the timing

  1. Hehe, that’s sort of your fault for going with iiNet.

    Well, they aren’t too bad. But seriously, Internode is where it’s at.

  2. Internode don’t have ADSL2+ in Heidelberg. So I really think that iiNet were a much better choice.

    Also Internode are still ‘testing’ naked dsl, I’m not sure what there is to test, but they are.

  3. Lucky you have ADSL2+ at all. I doubt we’ll get it here for quite some time.

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