Photo hosting

I’m about to start putting pictures into my posts about my holiday. Should I just be using WordPress hosting for them or should I use a third party?

Any opinions peoples?

For reference this is what a WordPress hosted image will look like:


Hrm, it appears that only smaller images can I use a thumbnail for :( So suggestions are needed.


4 responses to “Photo hosting

  1. Photobucket is really good now, has lots of options…

  2. I must check them out again, I wrote them off from remembering there old days.

    I really want full size images hosted with smaller versions available for use in blog posts.

  3. I am a (sort-of) random visitor, and this is an old post, but I don’t see any pictures yet so maybe this is still relevant to you. In my opinion you really can’t go past for photo hosting. I have a paid account now so I’m not completely sure of the limits placed on free users, but once you upload a picture it is available for you to hotlink in various sizes, it has a very easy to use interface, practically no down-time, a hundred nifty features should you want to get organised or fancy… in short, I recommend you check it out.

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