LovesTha Drafting: Mana Bases

I had an interesting deck last night, it had to radically different mana bases I couldn’t choose between. The cards in the deck can be summarised as:

2 White Cards (Mistmeadow Skulk and Rune-Cervin Rider)

10 Green White Hybrids

1 Green Card

4 Red Green Hybrids (2 Wurms, 2 Duos)

3 Red Cards (Scar, Burn Trail, Power of Fire)

2 Artifacts

So I could go with:

9 Forests
5 Plains
4 Mountains

Or with the counter intuitive:

3 Forests
8 Plains
6 Mountains

Now because one of the white cards was Rune-Cervin Rider the heavy green mana base was better, but isn’t it weird what options are possible with these sets.

I was happy with my deck though, it was just a pair of sideboarded Disenchants away from winning the draft. I need to remember to sideboard more often in drafts.


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