State Youth Games Aerobics Winners!

SYG was this weekend, and Northern had a team of around 25-30 people down there. This was our second year having a go a the serious competition of Aerobics (B) Mixed. Mad props to all involved, you guys rocked:

I know this isn’t related to most of what my blogs about, but plenty of people who visit this blog will be insterested in it.


4 responses to “State Youth Games Aerobics Winners!

  1. Hey RPD – thanks for the comments on Digz bloggy…!!!

    Love the video above – are you in it?

  2. No, I am way too unfit to have been in it this years. Trying to get off my ass long enough to join in next year.

  3. Great win! I need to publically lay claim to the fact that I was the first guy to do SYG aerobics back in the day – and we won! :-)

    Not sure if I should be making that too public though!

  4. Don’t worry Carl, your pioneering work has been brought up by Phil/Andy several times :)

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