EDH Lifegain: A Reaction.

Ok, the start of this draft was killed by wordpress, apparently a saved draft can be replaced with the text “undefined” so this will be quicker than I intended.

People are complaining about how long 9 player games of EDH take.

Apparently this is because there are too many wrath effects and lie gain in the format.

My responce is two pronged:

Play many wrath effects, playing them is essential to keeping the format balanced.

Use that useful rule about General combat damage. I only need to deal 21 damage with my general to kill any player. So lets get the General damage flowing. This needs haste:

LovesTha: text=creatures*have haste set=type1
Datatog: 12 matches found: (1) Anger (2) Concordant Crossroads (3) Emblem of the Warmind (4) Fervor (5) Fires of Yavimaya (6) Firewake Sliver (7) Goblin Warchief (8) Heart Sliver (9) Lovisa Coldeyes (10) Mass Hysteria (11) Reflex Sliver (12) Steamflogger Boss

Naturally some of them aren’t particularly good. Emblem of the Warmind isn’t all that hawt when you plan to wrath every (second) turn. Goblin Warchief, Lovisa Coldeyers, Steamflogger Boss and Firewake/Heart/Reflex Sliver only a single creature type haste and I don’t feel like using a creature that is going to die to every wrath for my haste anyway.

Which leaves 5 remaining options, the other re-usable source of haste that I can think of that I want to use is Dragon Fangs, so my general needs to have a cmc > 5, with R&G for haste, BWR for wrath effects. The only General that meets that requirement is Pumpkin Head, aka: The Reaper King. All the other. Or Karona, False God but I don’t think I have one of her, and I like the Pumpin Head more.

So decklist off the top of my head:

Wraths (16):
Wrath of God
Decree of Pain
Plague Wind
Austere Command
Kitar’s Wrath
Akroma’s Vengance
Magenta the Lion
March of Souls
Planar Collapse
Retribution of the Meek
Solar Tide
Winds of Rath
Final Judgement

Haste (6):
Concordant Crossroads
Fires of Yavimaya
Mass Hysteria
Dragon Fangs

Land (33):

Acceleration (20):
10 Signets
5 Talismans
Coldsteal Heart
Darksteal Ingot
Mind Stone
Prismatic Lens
Journeyer’s Kite

Gass (24):

Tutors (10):
Demonic Tutor
Cruel Tutor
Dimir Infiltrator
Muddle the Mixture
Shred Memory
Dimir House Guard
Beseech the Queen
Dizzy Spell
Diabolic Tutor
Vampiric Tutor

Other (8):
Eternal Witness
Volrath’s Stronghold
Life from the Loam
Pulse of the Fields
Beacon of Immortality
Mind’s Eye

Big Dudes (6):
Avatar of Woe
Darksteel Colossus
Chameleon Colossus
Protean Hulk
Verdant Force

General (1):
The Reaper King

Lets see how it goes :)

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