Journalistic Highlight of My Day

So I was clicking on random links in IRC this afternoon when I found this gem of a quote:

Magic: The Gathering, a type of poker

This surprised me quite a bit, as its on a gambling site.  The rest of the article has many other fantastic gems, including this paragraph:

“That is dangerous,” the Pastor explains. “Part of the game’s appeal comes from ‘the ability to develop a character — you get to be somebody else,’ says Garfield…In Magic the deck you put together reflects your character — your persona.”

Which uses the bad habit of quoting two different people in the same paragraph (fairly confusing when the paragraph is primarily quote) and then adds insult to injury by using incorrect punctuation to confuse who is being quoted where. Also what are the ellipses doing?

Personally I think the whole demonic side to magic is very over blown, I don’t know of many people who play because they think its fun to pretend to be a wizard, they play because its fun to play.


One response to “Journalistic Highlight of My Day

  1. Who cares… What interests me more is the burgers that you have had lately? Any good one?

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