Tiger Airways – Like a Tiger

So I decided it was time to buy tickets to Canberra for nationals, Tiger Airways ended up being the cheapest option. So I purchased the tickets online. $101 for a return trip to Canberra is pretty good in my eyes and thats after selecting to have some check in luguage and selecting which seat I wanted on the way there.

So everything was sweet untill I noticed the price charged to me on the ticket confirmation, $111. Apparently they manage to charge you $10 more for ‘convenience’, I’m not sure yet what convenience they are charging me this fee for, but thats a later part of the story.

Not wanting to look like a fool I go through the booking screens again doing a text search for this extra fee, it is never mentioned once on any of the pages. In the interest of doing things the same the second time through I attempt to select the same seat again. No worries mate, but that is a worry to me: How can I book the same seat on the same flight twice?

Do I even have a booking, I don’t need to resolve this immediately, nationals isn’t until July, but theres no time like the present. So I give the local Tiger call center a call (tip: they have no local numbers, just the direct normal number for Melbourne, which is fine for those who live in Melbourne . . .)

The next problem though is actually getting to talk to someone. Their number is busy 5 out of 6 tries and when you get through and select an option at the prompt: Silience followed by disconnection.

I would really like to talk to someone.


3 responses to “Tiger Airways – Like a Tiger

  1. Hahahaha. Have fun trying to get through to anyone at Tiger Air.

    I tried to fly up on my own to Laura a few months ago (i was still 17 at the time). I was informed at the airport that anyone under 18 needed an indemnity form signed by a parent or guardian to travel with Tiger. Mum couldn’t drive to the airport in time, so we ended up booking another flight with Virgin Blue, who had no problem letting me on.

    In Canberra Laura tried to get through to the call centre in Melbourne to find out how we were supposed to have an indemnity form signed by a parent or guardian at EACH point of departure, and whether we could get mum to sign one and fax it up.

    We eventually got through to a guy who barely spoke any English whatsoever, and didn’t seem to understand what we were asking. We gave up and tried calling the Canberra Airport switchboard, and the woman there was able to get in touch with the guy who manages all the Tiger flights out of Canberra airport.

    When I went to catch the flight back to Melbourne, the guy there checked me in and gave me my boarding pass without asking for the form. I decided to tell him i had it anyway, and he said he was under the impression that it only applied to under 16 year olds.

    So, when in doubt, call the airport switchboard. You’ll have more luck than the “call centre”.

  2. did you get onto them yet ?

  3. Haven’t been trying. :(

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