Interesting Stats

Just recieved these in an email from Phil, can’t be bothered working out if they are from a reputable source, but this is the internet:

MELBOURNE: 3.6 million people (2006), 248 Nationalities, 289 languages,128 religious faiths


* 300,000 people attend church weekly, another 300,000 attend about once a month.
* There are over 1700 local churches of more than 30 denominations and over 80 nationalities
* There are 60 Chinese, 52 Greek, 41 Italian, 35 Samoan, 30 Vietnamese, 24 Korean churches
* “NO RELIGION” up 20% in 10 years
* Under 34s: 1.2million (48%) in population BUT only 48,000 (4%) attend church(=16% of attenders)
* Over 55s: 819,000 (22%) of population and 20% (122,000) attend weekly (= 54% of attenders)
* About 5000 people come to faith each year, about 9000 people leave the Church

I do like how they compare apples and pears in the last dot point :) It is still sobering though.

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