New Lense Purchase – Asahi / Pentax 50mm F1.2 Prime

My new lense, very artistic.

My new lense, very artistic.

I’ve been looking at buying some lenses since I brought my Pentax K20D in November. Straight after buying it I borrowed Dad’s old Pentax lenses so I’ve been carrying around:

* 18-55mm F3.5-4.5 DA kit lense that came with the cammera. This is very handy for those situations where you think a bit of weather proofing would be useful. With the crop factor putting the range to 27-82mm it is a very useful range of zoom as well.

* 18-80mm F3.5-4.5 Macro lense of Dad’s, only useful because of the macro function and the slightly longer zoom range, 120mm after crop factor is a reasonably long lense.

* 100-300mm F? Telephoto lense of Dad’s. This lense is really pushing my ability to hand hold a lense even in good light with the shake reduction turned on. An effect length of 450mm is much longer than I think I really need regularly, it has been good for taking photos of butterflies though.

* 50mm F1.4 DA lense of my house mate. I borrow this lense frequently when I think I will want the extra speed. Several of my favorite photos have been taken with this lense.

So I’ve been looking to see what options there are for fast 50mm lenses. Recently the F1.4 DA lense increased to around $600 new in Australia. This has made the price of a second hand F1.2 on ebay much more palatable, so this morning I managed to snip one for the (relatively) low price of $AUD450 delivered from the US. It was a nice surprise to find that my snip which was for 20 or 30 USD below the price that several have sold for was not only good enough but ~100 USD above the price I won it for.

I do love ebay.

Why would you pay more?


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