Apparently the ebook market in Australia is still pretty terrible. I’m looking at the iPhone question (I think its a yes) and being able to read ebooks on what ever I do buy seems like a plus.

The but is that I can’t find a way to buy some books from Australia. I tried to find the cost and formats available for the book I was reading at the time (Twilight, just finished Eclipse last night), and saw that it was a very reasonable $USD12.00 from the first site I found). Then I noticed that I couldn’t buy it as an Australian, so I tried some Australian ebook sites and they didn’t have the Twilight series.

So then I tried looking at Amazon, who were 100% prepaired to sell me a physical copy of the book, but couldn’t sell an Australian an ebook copy. Why is the world so silly?

Anyway the Poll question is, what is the best option for getting hold of ebooks not available in your region. Please comment after voting.


4 responses to “Ebooks.au

  1. I think you can only get it for the ‘kindle’, which I’m let to believe is rubbish. Its all DRM stuff. Hey you going to around on the weekend Garath?

  2. No you can buy Twilight from ebooks.com (http://www.ebooks.com/ebooks/book_display.asp?IID=287099). And on there you can buy it as pdf, MS ebook or Mobipocket ebook. PDF is a level of DRM that I’m happy with :)

  3. PS: If kindle was the only option that would rule out us Australians as well I believe :(

  4. And finally to answer your question, you’ll see me Friday night, but thats all as its the weekend of the next Magic set release :)

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