iPhone – First Impressions

On Tuesday night my friendly Optus Telechoice customer manager rang me to tell me that my iPhone 3G S 16G should be with me possibly on Thursday, maybe Friday. So I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived this morning.

The other good news he gave me on the phone was that Optus will be waiving a months fees due to the slow delivery, this made me much happier and I was looking forward to receiving my iPhone.

A large part of my expectation was that Apple are renowned for things just working out of the box, this was going to be good I thought. So opening the box and digesting the contents two things appear to be missing: Instructions on what to do with my new sim card; And a way to actually use the device.

How is it acceptable to ship such an expensive item with no way in the box to use it. I don’t mind uncharged batteries, I’m talking about needing to download a 74M installer for a piece of software that will only work on operating systems that I don’t natively use.

Sorry but waiting 15 minutes for my reasonably fast connection to download then install iTunes just so I can use my phone for anything more than emergency phone calls is ludicrous.

This isn’t the experience I was expecting.

I was expecting to get to DRM and over the top nannying before getting pissed off at Apple.


2 responses to “iPhone – First Impressions

  1. It took us hours to get it set up in the store and they wouldn’t let us leave until they were sure it was working. It was a nightmare.

    Everything since then has been bliss. You won’t regret it.

    • Current problems:
      * When you spend some time in an area with 0 reception, it wont regain reception always. This happens to me about once a day. Entering flight mode and then leaving it is the quickest way I’ve found of getting reception back.
      * Battery life is barely suficient for trips I commonly do around the city. Forget to charge it every night and it wont make the day. Sure the size of the iPhone is nice, but if they’d just found room for a battery that is twice the size things would be much better.

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