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San Marco

Several of weeks ago my girlfriend (not likely to avoid opportunities to slip that phrase in for a little while yet, sorry) brought a coupon from one of those coupon web sites for a cheap meal at San Marco in Coburg. A couple of weeks ago we got around to making use of it. Continue reading


Duck, Grapefruit!

Last night I hosted my first successful dinner party. After the essential failure of Mothers Day last year where I didn’t notice that the oven had turned off till much too late some people were suspecting I was incapable of cooking.

Mum had suggested that I host a night for my Sister’s wedding party and I was looking for an excuse to make use of this nice place I’m renting. Hosting more things was the reason for moving in the first place. The wedding party is rather large at 10 including the Bride and Groom, so with hangers on we reached a grand total of 13 people.

Calling on the impressive powers of the Internet (Looking for recipes is the only thing I don’t use Google for these days, using Google is a waste of time, its just going to point you to so why not just go straight there ?) I decided on Spicy Pumpkin Soup for entrée with Cinnamon Spiced Duck for mains. My Sister and the Maid of Honour (a pastry chef) took care of the desserts. I normally wouldn’t choose to make more work for my self by adding courses to a meal but my first idea of a roast (lamb probably) but then I realised my oven would probably struggle to cook a roast for 8 let alone the 13-16 I thought were likely to turn up. Going with a entrée of soup allowed me to choose a smaller main dish that wouldn’t stretch my resources. Continue reading