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This Blog is Dead. Long Live This Blog!

For no particularly good reason I’ve remade this blog over at I’ve already migrated all the posts, but the comments will remain here. The comments will be eventually lost when I delete this blog. But that will only happen in response to lots of people commenting here, either as spam or real comments

New xml feed for people reading via that.

PS: I have already added new content to the new location :)


I think it’s time for me to mention my all time second most common place to eat at (behind at home and it recently passed my university’s food hall for most meals eaten): Alphabet City Café.

I’ve eaten here weekly for the past 11 years, with a few short breaks when my congregation has flirted with other venues. At the end of each of those flirts I’ve been very happy to return to the trusted old friend ABC Café. It is a great warm welcoming place. The staff is very friendly and they all have authentic flair, none of that forced flair that we all remember from that awesome movie that escapes my memory right now.

My favourite meal is the Chicken Oscar, a decadent chicken schnitzel topped with crispy bacon, avocado, hollandaise sauce and melted cheese. In all its extreme artery clogging power it is a delicious dish served with chips and salad. It featured on the specials board 4 or 5 years ago, and we just kept ordering it for the next year till they finally put it on the menu.

A chicken oscar

Deliciously ugly

My other favourites include the Lara’s Fav salad, which is surprisingly filling, and many of the common items on the specials board like the ribs and various pies.

Alphabet City Café on Urbanspoon

I really don’t understand their low rating, it’s probably from people looking for something less interesting or more up market. They are well worth a try for a casual meal.

Vinny’s Cucina

A couple of months ago I visited a great little random restaurant in Ivanhoe (which is soon to become my new suburb of residence, but I doubt any one who is reading this and cares doesn’t know that already) and I loved it. When trying to find some info on it today I couldn’t find anything of substance. The most information was on UrbanSpoon, but that merely had 9 votes and not much data.

Vinny's Cucina on Urbanspoon

So I’m posting this so there is more than zero data on the web about them :)

I was wandering down Ivanhoe strip looking for somewhere to eat with two gaming buddies of mine and we’d got to the end of the strip with no decisions having been made. So we went into Vinny’s and asked for a table. The first sign we’d made a good choice was they told us they were sorry but they were fully booked but we could have a table on the front patio if we wanted. It was long enough ago that eating dinner on the front patio was still a good idea so we stayed.

The food is good Italian with lots of pasta and pizza, we ordered a range of them and were very very pleased with everything we ordered. We were pleased enough that I even ordered a desert that would typically not be on my list of desires and it blew me away (I usually don’t order chocolate deserts, this one was awesome).

I’m not sure why I haven’t made it back there yet. I probably will later this week (hence why I was looking for details online).

I’ll probably post a better write up of it after that. Hopefully when it is still fresh in my mind.

PS: Hrm, it’s been over a year has it? Oh well.

Some Idle Thoughts On Osma’s End

While I believe that the US’s response to September 11 was completely wrong, I don’t have too many issues with how they handled this particular tiny facet of it.
When they knew where he was they needed to do something about it, and what they did about it was probably right.
They were trying to capture him, which I support, although I wonder where they were going to take him.
When he tried to attack the soldiers they defended themselves, it was a plausible outcome so we shouldn’t be surprised.
When they had a dead Osama I think they should have just made a positive ID (taken finger prints, sample of DNA, photos) and left the body.
I understand why they didn’t do that though: So they could make a better ID on the boat and so there would be no grave of Osama to rally around.
While that choice will cause some greater unrest in the short term it might be the better answer in the long run – we’ll never know.

Selling – TerraTrike Cruiser 2009

Lightly ridden and kept undercover/in garage when not being ridden. a lot of fun and great introduction to trikes. Only selling due to a move and lack of space at new place.(comes with original pedals, not as pictured)

$999 ono.

Movember 2011

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There’s Been a Short Delay

Sorry for the long time between posts, I suspect this might have gotten me off a few peoples RSS feed lists. I know that shorter silences have made me delete blogs before :)

Anyway, the topic today manages to refer to both my bogging absence and what’s got my goat at the moment.

Ubuntu 9.10 was released a little while ago and it doesn’t look too bad. I upgraded my laptop shortly after the official release and the media box at home only this last fortnight. I needed to upgrade it because it was running out of space on / and I wanted to start running Deluge as a daemon on the media box and the front end on my laptop. It was an upgrade from 8.04 I believe so I just did a fresh install formating / and keeping /data and /home intact.

This afternoon when I rebooted the media box I had to do this dance to try to make the torrents recheck their data because they were all at 0% apparently. Many attempts to get them to recheck their status left them at “0% checking” until eventually they started checking and everything was ok again. Naturally I thought that the last thing I did, pause -> force-recheck while un bandwidth throttled, was the silly new required dance to fix things. Continue reading