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Rooms for Rent

Looking for 1 person to move in ASAP and another 1 person/couple in mid may.

House is:
4 Bed Room
2 Story
Bathroom + Ensuite + Guest Toilet
Ample New Kitchen
Large Living Room flows into Kitchen, a good entertaining area.
Rear courtyard suitable for cooking a BBQ in

Current room vacancy is a reasonable sized bedroom with built in wardrobe.
Room available in Mid May is master bed room with en-suite and walk in ‘robe.
Double Garrage, 1 space available to applicant.

The Lounge Room

Quiet street
Short walk to Watsonia train station & main Watsonia shopping strip
Shorter walk to Diamond Village shops.
Short walk to Simpson Army Barracks

Current room mates are two late 20’s males working full time professional jobs. One is looking to move out in the next few months and the successful applicant would be welcome to be involved in the finding of the new 3rd room mate.

Bills and food expenses to be shared.
Rent (single bed room): $130/week
Rent (master bed room): $150/week
Bills & food: ~$30/week


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Reliving Old Memories

Last week I thought it would be a good idea to grab a copy of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It was one of the two videos we watched continually when visiting my Grandmother and Grandfather in East Kew. (The other one I’ve only ever known as ‘that ewok movie’ and possibly the name being Caravan, I always suspected that I was just thinking all small furry aliens were called ewoks and that it wasn’t actually a star wars movie. But my imdb skills have made me believe the movie was called An Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage).

So I’ve gotten around to watching it now. What is annoying me the most is the mono sound. I would never thought that such a simple family movie would sound so hollow and flat in mono. The mono sound is much more annoying than the fake colours.

Oh if you were looking for some thrilling interesting discussion of important things, I’m not really in the mood :)

I’ll leave you with a few of the lines I love in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:

“Fiery Furnace”

“You two/too are truely scrumptious”

“Just as soon as they kiss, then they’ll have to get married”

“You always said it was a magic car.” “I did?”

Facebook Party

So I invited everyone to my place to celebrate my 26th birthday. ‘Everyone’ in this case means all the people on facebook that I wouldn’t feel weird about having turn up to my place, 84 people. 15 people RSVPed using the facebook application, but 6 of those people didn’t turn up in the long run.

18 people said they might attend, of them 1 did, who was my sister. Of the 22 you declined the invite none of them turned up and the 33 who didn’t respond at all didn’t show up either.

Naturally having 15 positives and 18 maybes I catered the salads and soft drink for 20ish people and had lots left over when a measly 10 showed up.

Although in the long run the fact I had fun is the only thing of consequence.

Selling My Car – 300zx

Due to my lack of need for a car I’m selling my 300zx.

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World Catholic Youth Week: Prooving Pell to be stupid

So what have I learnt so far in the lead up to World Catholic Youth Week*?  Just that Cardinal Pell is an idiot, these are the things we’ve learnt about him:

  • He doesn’t understand what Sexual Assault is.
  • Is sceptical about climate change**.
  • Believes the West needs to increase its birth rates to avoid a social crisis.

If I was catholic I would have to question if I want this man to be leading me.

* Its not World Youth Week, there needs to be a lot of non catholic focus for it to be that, the official name is just misleading.

** Ok, you can be that without being an idiot, and Pell appears to flip flop around on the issue any way.  As a custodian of the earth though he should be in favour of the solutions to climate change.

State Youth Games Aerobics Winners!

SYG was this weekend, and Northern had a team of around 25-30 people down there. This was our second year having a go a the serious competition of Aerobics (B) Mixed. Mad props to all involved, you guys rocked:

I know this isn’t related to most of what my blogs about, but plenty of people who visit this blog will be insterested in it.

Heath Ledger Dies

In other related news: Father believes son is saint.

I arrived to work this morning to the terrible news that Heath Ledger had been found dead at the foot of his bed. With this news came the information that the room had significant amounts of drugs in it.

That combined with his general good health and being only 28 years old immediately leads to suspicion of un-natural causes and drugs point to an OD. So what does is father come out and do? He declares that his son has died from an accident. I’m not sure how anyone could make such a statement. The police know better and only state the facts.

I wouldn’t assume his father would say anything else, but why would the media report such crap?