Movember 2011

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Digital: A Family Tragedy

“In the transition to digital many of them stopped printing their images. And that’s a family tragedy because although it’s a business, we’re looking after people’s memories,”  – Paul Curtis, Photo Imaging Council of Australia

The above is the closing quote from an ABC article lamenting the closing of most of the countries independent film processing businesses.

As a digital camera user who has never had any of his (~10,000) photos printed I am going to believe that his lack of comprehension of reality as a symptom of while his whole industry is failing: People like photos to be on their computers.

A digital photo is more convenient. I can send a copy of any of those photos to anyone I’d care to send it to for no cost. Regardless of where they are in the world. When I want to show my Grandmother my photos from my trip to the US last year I’ll walk over to her house with a DVD full of photos. I’d hate to think how heavy that’d be walking over with photo albums. Continue reading

Duck, Grapefruit!

Last night I hosted my first successful dinner party. After the essential failure of Mothers Day last year where I didn’t notice that the oven had turned off till much too late some people were suspecting I was incapable of cooking.

Mum had suggested that I host a night for my Sister’s wedding party and I was looking for an excuse to make use of this nice place I’m renting. Hosting more things was the reason for moving in the first place. The wedding party is rather large at 10 including the Bride and Groom, so with hangers on we reached a grand total of 13 people.

Calling on the impressive powers of the Internet (Looking for recipes is the only thing I don’t use Google for these days, using Google is a waste of time, its just going to point you to so why not just go straight there ?) I decided on Spicy Pumpkin Soup for entrée with Cinnamon Spiced Duck for mains. My Sister and the Maid of Honour (a pastry chef) took care of the desserts. I normally wouldn’t choose to make more work for my self by adding courses to a meal but my first idea of a roast (lamb probably) but then I realised my oven would probably struggle to cook a roast for 8 let alone the 13-16 I thought were likely to turn up. Going with a entrée of soup allowed me to choose a smaller main dish that wouldn’t stretch my resources. Continue reading

Portable & Editable: PDF + ODT

This is a little tidbit of information that I’ve recently come across that I think is really cool. I’m sharing it because I want to see more people use it.

For many years now (longer than I’ve been using computers in a productive way) PDF files have been the de-facto standard for creating portable documents that look good. By and large this has worked but the down side has been that Adobe charge a lot of money for their editing software and PDF files are not meant to be editable. This is all fine and good if you don’t want your documents to be edited but that isn’t always the case.

When someone wants to distribute a document for editing they tend to use one of various closed document formats, which is fine if you have the same editor as the author but pretty clumsy if you don’t. Sometimes the person viewing the document can’t see it at all till they download and install another piece of software. Continue reading

Long Live Comics / Die Comics Die!!!!

I’ve started reading comics, for a long time now I’ve been reading quite a few web comics. There are 24 web comics on my iGoogle page. Not all of the actually update, but most of them do and I really enjoy them. Recently, due to a blogging god of mine giving a list of real comics he thinks are worth reading. So I’m most of the way through Miracle Man and have The Watchmen lying around waiting to be read.

It wont surprise many of you to learn that I love Buffy, so when I heard about the cannon continuation of the Buffy story line (commonly referred to as Buffy Season 8) I had to grab it and read it. So this last week I’ve spent some of my spare time reading the 34 comics. I must say they are fantastic. The story is enthralling and the art is great.

But its a comic, comics are worse than TV shows, with TV you only have to wait a week for the next episode. Comics are typically monthly! Heck, this most recent Buffy #34 < Spoiler > is just one long sex scene < /spoiler >. Sure there’s some juxtaposed explanation of the previous plot lines, but really it is just one scene.

It took me maybe 5-10 minutes to read and now to wait another month (actually this wait might be shorter, as I didn’t read it till well after the release date I believe). I have a feeling I’ll keep reading each month through the end of Season 8 (another 6 comics) then not start reading Season 9 till it is finished.

PS: When is Xander going to kiss a guy? Not that I’ll particularly enjoy it, but nearly every other long running character has had some gay action, why not Xander?

Restaurant Review – The Old Pepper

Long time no post eh? This ones for you Dad, your one of two people who mentions to me that I don’t update this place often enough. It’s not quiet for you Scott as its not a burger review :)

After the PTQ at Melbourne High yesterday Russell and I headed up Chapel Street looking for a place to grab a bite to eat at 8:00pm. A block along we decided to take the next car park and then walk to find somewhere to eat. After a 15point attempt at reverse parallel parking we jumped out and walked about 5m before deciding that the place directly across the street looked good.

It was a nice simple looking Pizza/Pasta place called The Old Pepper. The place looked new and clean and the menu by the front door proudly proclaimed nothing over $20 so we felt like we were in for a good evening. As we walked in the guy working the pizza oven casually asked if we wanted a table and as we did handed us over to the bubbly little waitress. Little doesn’t mean she was young but she would have been all of 4’10”. This is a nice height for a waitress as she doesn’t have to look down to people sitting at tables :) Continue reading

There’s Been a Short Delay

Sorry for the long time between posts, I suspect this might have gotten me off a few peoples RSS feed lists. I know that shorter silences have made me delete blogs before :)

Anyway, the topic today manages to refer to both my bogging absence and what’s got my goat at the moment.

Ubuntu 9.10 was released a little while ago and it doesn’t look too bad. I upgraded my laptop shortly after the official release and the media box at home only this last fortnight. I needed to upgrade it because it was running out of space on / and I wanted to start running Deluge as a daemon on the media box and the front end on my laptop. It was an upgrade from 8.04 I believe so I just did a fresh install formating / and keeping /data and /home intact.

This afternoon when I rebooted the media box I had to do this dance to try to make the torrents recheck their data because they were all at 0% apparently. Many attempts to get them to recheck their status left them at “0% checking” until eventually they started checking and everything was ok again. Naturally I thought that the last thing I did, pause -> force-recheck while un bandwidth throttled, was the silly new required dance to fix things. Continue reading