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La Monicas – Abismal

Due to the request of Scott I feel I need to continue my long running posts of burger reviews.

On the Saturday that is now referred to as Black Saturday I went down to Mornington for a swim with a friend. We decided to stop at La Monicas on Main Street in Mornington, it was such a hot day that we decided to eat inside and were thankful for the water that was served regularly.

Both of us decided to order the burger because it sounded really good: Steak, Bacon and Mushrooms on a Turkish style bun, served with salad. The prospect of Mushrooms wasn’t all that inspiring, but it sounded pretty good.

When the burger arrived I was fairly disappointed, but first the good. The meat used appeared to be reasonably high quality beef, with essentially no gristle/fat and it tasted fantastic. The bacon was also of good quality.

The Turkish bun, which encouraged me to purchase the burger in the first place wasn’t toasted. Which was a substantial problem because the mushrooms had been cooked in plenty of butter, making the whole burger nearly too soggy to hold.

Lastly you’ll notice that my list of ingredients for the burger didn’t include letuce or tomato, so the first thing both of us did was add them from the side salad to the burger.

Updated Points:

0.0 – No Burger :(
0.5 – McDonalds Cheese Burger
1.0 – Big Mac
1.5 – KFC Filler
2.0 – Any burger at Hungry Jacks
2.5 – Hogs Breath Cafe (Canberra Central)
3.0 – La Monicas (Mornington)
4.0 – Average Fish and Chips shop burger
5.0 – Good Fish and Chip shop burger
7.0 – BBNT burger
8.5 – Urban Burger
8.5 – Trims Cafe, McCrae
9.0 – Grill’d


Good Burger Watch Movement

Ok, I have to revise my ratings. Grill’d get a -0.5, they haven’t changed anything but my outlook on their burgers has changed. Their filling are as fantastic as I used to think, they are very good but their is room for improvement. Also I feel there needs to be more room at the top of the scale to allow for perfect execution along with a broader and more experimental menu.

Urban Burger are also getting a move, but in the other direction, +0.5. I had their Blue and Bacon on the weekend, one of their beef burgers. Adding a good strong smelly cheese to a burger was sure to be a hit with me, so little surprise at the shift in rating. I do still think their buns are letting them down hugely, if they improved to a better bread they would easily equal or surpass Grill’d. Continue reading