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Moxalicious – Mox Jet Tournament report – 7th!!!!!

Ok, I can’t slow roll this, I came 7th. I am rather stoked about that, it is by far my best tournament result ever.

Firstly the deck list:
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A-Bomb Highlander – Revel in the Ark

Played in the A-Bomb tourney today, I believe I was playing for Mind Bogglers of Croydon, but who I was playing for wasn’t all that important to me (sorry guys). I’m going to lead you guys on a bit of a story before I bother getting the tourney report.

After seeing the general goodness of Reveillark in both Standard and Extended I felt that the concept of a highlander Flash combo deck needed to be done with updated Reveillark tech. I felt the deck now had enough redundancy in combo pieces that I should be able to manage a version of the deck that just overloads with combo pieces and comes out with the win somehow. Here is the decklist skeleton I started with:

Combo Cards: (12)
Carrion Feeder
Mirror Entity
Protean Hulk
Body Double
Volrath’s Shapeshifter
Sparkmage Apprentice
Dakmor Ghoul
Highway Robber
Imperial Recruiter
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