San Marco

Several of weeks ago my girlfriend (not likely to avoid opportunities to slip that phrase in for a little while yet, sorry) brought a coupon from one of those coupon web sites for a cheap meal at San Marco in Coburg. A couple of weeks ago we got around to making use of it.

The restaurant is in the old church next to the new building and it is a very pretty exterior and they have done a good job with making the interior nice and inviting. The only issue with the place was that they sat us down right in front of the stage with the live music. The music it self was quite nice: two mature Italians on bass and keyboard singing classic Italian songs, exactly what you’d like to hear in an Italian restaurant. Just you don’t always want them to be singing just 2′ from your face.

Firstly they honour there coupon very well, sure we weren’t to order the seafood dishes but that suits me to a T, beyond that everything was game and we stuffed our selves with fantastic food.

I just wish I could remember what we had to eat. It’s make this a lot more interesting to read.

My garlic pizza for entrée was fantastic as was L’s minestrone. But I can’t remember what we had for main or dessert.

Oh well, the place is highly recommended :)

San Marco Bluestone on Urbanspoon


2 responses to “San Marco

  1. So they must have had an amazing wine list!

  2. The wine list wasn’t all that comprehensive but I did enjoy the wine we had.

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