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Architecture in Helsinki + Bridezilla + Violins

Saw AiH in last night at Billboard (the Venue). It was an interesting concert.

First up the first support act, Damien Kelly, a DJ who does some stuff with RRR in Melbourne, apparently failed to show. It wasn’t a huge issue but I could have done with not turning up to hear him and standing around listening to bad music for an extra hour. Speaking of the bad music, the choice of music was fairly eclectic, but sort of in theme for AiH.

Eventually the second support act started. Bridezilla were a refreshing change. They are a five piece with my favourite quirk, a girl on violin. Also high on my list of desirable things in a band is girls playing: keyboard/saxophone, guitar, guitar/vocal. The guy on drums was typical, its very hard to find female drummers, so we can accept the slight down side. Continue reading