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Bill Hensen: Not Evil

Bill Henson has managed to make the lead story on news services again. We haven’t been told details that would make it easier to determine if what he, or the principal, did was wrong though.

What we know is that the principal of the West Coburg Primary School allowed Bill Henson him to wander the school looking for child models for some piece he was working on.

That is all I believe is in the public record.

Some people believe that its likely he would be wandering the school with a camera taking photos of the students. I would think that is highly unlikely, I would doubt that Bill Henson would believe that such behaviour would be acceptable. Believing that the school principal would be happy with that would be it is too much of a stretch for me.

What I feel is far more likely is:

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Two months ago I brought from Split Reason two Cyanide and Happiness t-shirts and a CAD Magnetic Poetry set. About a 2 weeks later the two t-shirts arrived in a box with documentation claiming that all 3 items were in the box.

So I emailed Split Reason and they quickly replied apologising for the error and promising to send the magnets as soon as possible. A day later I received an email saying that the magnetic poetry had been shipped. Thinking nothing more of it I put the whole idea on the back burner and awaited my magnetic poetry. Continue reading